Ram 1500 in Kansas City Missouri

If you're looking for a first-class driving experience in a classic pickup, look no further than the Ram 1500. From a smooth driving experience to a variety of trims, new and used Rams are unmatched. Learn more about this flagship pickup truck and the best methods to get a good deal on your next truck today.

What Are the Best Features of the Ram?

There are several impressive features of the Ram. Among other heavy-duty and large-sized trucks, the Ram has been beating out Fords and Chevys for years.

For drivers who want a flexible pickup that can be used for work and leisure, the RAM 1500 is unmatched. Some of the best features of the latest models include:

Body Style

The overall design of the Ram is smooth and far less boxy than other pickups of the same class. While still distinct, there is a sophisticated shape to the body of this full-size pickup.

As for specific body styles, the RAM 1500 comes in styles such as a two-door regular cab, a four-door quad cab, and a four-door crew cab. These unique body styles give drivers the option to customize their driving experience based on individual needs.

Powerful Engines

The Ram 1500 is well-known for its powerful engines. Drivers can choose V6 and V8 engines, with some models offering hybrid technology.

The base engine for this pickup truck is a V6 engine that produces up to 305 HP, while the V8 engines produce up to 395 HP. The most powerful engine is the 5.7 liter V8 engine, which is only available in the high-performance trim.

High-Performance Powertrain

Along with powerful engines, the RAM 1500s are also crafted with powerful 8-speed automatic transmission powertrains. Although a manual transmission is not available in any trims, drivers who want to enjoy a smooth driving experience won't miss cycling through different speeds.

The automatic transmission is optimized to squeeze as much fuel economy out of the engines as possible. Trims with hybrid engines make the most out of automatic powertrains.

Fuel Efficient Engines

While not all Ram 1500 engines are designed to save money at the fuel pump, there are a few models that prioritize saving gas in the tank and cutting down on gas mileage.

The most fuel-efficient engine is the V6 diesel engine, which has 22 MPG in the city and a whopping 32 MPG on the highway.

Backup Camera

Drivers can also experience safe reversal thanks to the backup camera installed on some trims. Part of certain trim packages, the ParkView® camera gives drivers peace of mind when maneuvering this large truck. The tailgate camera enhances the overall safety of the truck.

Heated Seats

One of the most popular interior features of the latest Ram 1500 is the heated seats. Starting in 2021, the Ram 1500 has included heated and ventilated front seats for superior comfort.

The ventilated seating doubles as cooled seats for those hot summer months. The leather upholstery and heated elements immediately elevate the sophistication of this truck.

Navigation System

One of the standard features of the Uconnect® package available on all Ram 1500 models is the navigation system.

The navigation system is equipped with several hands-free features, such as voice commands and phone connectivity. The GPS navigation system can make it much easier to arrive at destinations promptly.

Uconnect Package

In addition to the navigation system included with the Uconnect package, this package also includes enhanced safety, security, and infotainment features.

In particular, the most recent Rams have touch-screen infotainment centers and mobile connectivity to play music. This advanced system may also read text messages aloud to drivers to reduce road distractions.

Roomy Interior Space

The Ram is also well-known for designing truly luxurious interiors. Instead of the rugged interior common to other full-size pickup trucks, the Ram 1500 series includes soft-touch materials, genuine leather upholstery, and much more.

Some trims are also outfitted with carbon fiber inserts to create a sportier vibe for the interior space. Plus, with so many body styles for the cab, you can rest assured that drivers and passengers alike will have plenty of legroom.

Towing and Off-Roading Abilities

Finally, one of the absolute best features of the Ram 1500 is the unmatched towing and off-roading abilities. To be sure, this is a truck that can meet every towing need, big or small.

The base trim can tow up to 12,750 lbs with a payload of 2,320 lbs. Other trims can tow up to 11,500 lbs. Regardless of the trim level, all models are equipped with a 4x4 towing system.

Why Buy a Used Ram 1500 for Sale in Kansas City, MO?

Did you know it's possible to buy a used Ram in Kansas City, MO in virtual mint condition? This is because many drivers like to upgrade vehicles after driving vehicles for one year.

Drivers who are looking for a used Ram will have access to 2021 and 2022 models at a fraction of the price, along with many other benefits.

Fair Purchase Price

One of the biggest benefits of buying a used Ram 1500 is the fair price. Used pickups purchased at a certified Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer typically have a more fair price than a used pickup at other dealers.

A fair price ultimately means that drivers can make better financial deals, such as shorter-term auto loans.

Ongoing Durability

Even a used Ram 1500 has impressive durability. One of the most attractive features of a Ram is its durability since these vehicles are designed to handle a lot of wear and tear.

The reliability of these full-size pickups will ensure optimal vehicle performance even in the toughest road and weather conditions.

Excellent Safety Rating

For full-size pickups, the Ram 1500 has one of the best safety ratings for any vehicle in its class. The Ram1500 earned a top safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2022.

One of the reasons why the safety ratings are so high on the RAM 1500 is the fact that it has technology such as automatic emergency braking and adapted LED headlamps. Along with features such as the rear camera and moderate driver assist technology, this pickup is one of the safety crew cabs on the road.

Additional Perks

Purchasing a used vehicle also means drivers can benefit from additional perks, such as installed upgrades and other extras left over from the previous owner.

These additional perks come bundled in with the cost of the vehicle, which means that drivers purchasing a used vehicle will not need to pay additional money for these upgrades.

Avoid Depreciated Value

Finally, purchasing a used pickup also means avoiding depreciated value. When a new car is purchased, it immediately loses a significant portion of its value since it is no longer considered new.

If you want to pay the true value for a vehicle, purchasing a used pickup is typically the best way to go. Avoiding depreciated value ultimately means you are saving money, particularly if you aren't using any other financial strategies such as trade-in valuation on an old vehicle to make a deal.

Find Ram 1500 Cars for Sale by Year in Kansas City

As far as the new Ram 1500s go, the newest models are the 2022 and 2023 editions. These models have a few notable updates from the 2019 Classic trim and the 2021 models that have become so popular. The biggest difference in these models is the addition of enhanced connectivity and hybrid powertrains.

Upcoming Special Editions

In the next few years, this flagship RAM will see new editions in the Built to Serve Lineup, such as the EMS edition.

The EMS (Emergency Medical Service) model is a limited-edition trim to honor first responders with special paint colors and flag decals. The 2023 EMS model will also have a 4x4 off-roading package, which will include tow hooks, skid plates, and much more.

Find Ram 1500 Cars for Sale by Trim in Kansas City

There are several exciting RAM 1500 trims for drivers to choose from. Whether you want the classic RAM 1500 or you are interested in a trim such as the RAM 1500 Big Horn, there is an ideal trim for you to choose from. The most popular trims include:

Ram 1500 Big Horn

The Ram 1500 Big Horn is an upgraded trim that enhances the overall off-road ability of the standard Ram 1500 Classic trim. In particular, both the interior and exterior enhancements for the Big Horn upgrade the pickup into a more sophisticated vehicle.

In terms of towing capacity, the Ram 1500 Big Horn offers a higher max towing weight, especially when this trim is paired with one of the high-performance V8 engines. The Ram 1500 Big Horn also includes upgraded fog lights and 18-inch aluminum wheels, along with a six-speaker stereo and a 12-inch infotainment display screen.

Ram 1500 Laramie

The Ram 1500 Big Horn and the Ram 1500 Laramie are very similar in terms of performance and towing capacity. However, the difference between these two trims is the enhanced interior upgrades featured in the Laramie.

The driver seat has two-way lumbar support as well as ventilated and heated front seats. One of the greatest upgrades for this trim is the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and connectivity compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This trim also has a nine-speaker audio system with a complementary subwoofer and Sirius XM satellite radio.

Ram 1500 Rebel

For drivers looking for a lighter-weight pickup with sportier driving capability, the Ram 1500 Rebel is an optimal choice. This trim has upgraded black interior accents and features such as a digital rearview mirror, off-road rubber mats, and sophisticated accent stitching for the interior upholstery.

Ram 1500 TRX

Part of the high-performance lineup is the Ram 1500 TRX. The secret to this powerful pickup is the 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine, which produces an astounding 702 HP. The most amazing part about this engine is the fact that it can go from 0 to 60 in just under 4.5 seconds.

What Is the Whole Car Buying Process in Kansas City?

To make the best deal possible, you will need to pay special attention to the entire vehicle buying process.

From doing your homework about the best Ram model for you to taking a used Ram out on a test drive, the car buying process should never be rushed. The main steps to make the best deal include:

Decide Between New vs Old Rams

First, drivers will need to choose between buying a used or new Ram 1500. There are advantages to buying both used and new pickups, so ultimately, your final decision might come down to price.

Even used Rams that are one to two years old are significantly more affordable than brand-new ones. But if you are determined to enjoy certain features that can only be found on 2022 and 2023 Ram models, then you may want to opt for new.

Compare and Contrast Trims

Drivers will also need to compare and contrast available trims. In particular, it makes no sense to buy a trim that does not serve all of your driving needs.

If you want a pickup that is designed for more powerful towing, then it's best to choose the Ram model that has the best towing capabilities. If you are a driver who enjoys a sportier feel to your handling, then a high-performance trim may be a better option.

Comparing Body Styles

When you are comparing and contrasting available trims, you should also pay close attention to the body style that is most appropriate for your driving needs.

Drivers who intend to use the vehicle for work-only purposes may not need to have a four-door cab, whereas drivers who need to transport multiple people may prefer to have a larger cab style, even if this sacrifices space in the bed.

Take the Ram on a Test Drive

After doing all of your homework to select the appropriate trim for your driving needs, it's time to visit a dealer and take the Ram out on a test drive. Test drives are a crucial component of the car purchasing experience. Without a test drive, there's no way to get an accurate feel for the handling.

Although Ram 1500s are well known for having easy handling on the road, thanks to specialized suspension, the engine power for individual trims can make a huge difference in the driving experience.

AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary

After taking a pickup out on a test drive, the next step is to evaluate the history of the vehicle. You can skip this step if you are buying new, but for used, the vehicle history is essential.

Even vehicles that only had one previous owner should be bought with a history summary since this will tell new drivers about previous collisions or major repairs.

Purchase Extended Warranties

Finally, when you are finalizing your purchase, you may want to take the time to sign up for extended warranties. To purchase extended warranties, you will need to speak with the team handling your vehicle purchase.

Extended warranties can offer additional protection in the case of corrosion or manufacturer defects. Longer warranties mean more money you can save in the future.

How Can the Sales Team Help You?

The car-buying experience is usually only as good as the staff handling your car purchase. For this reason, working with a team at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer will ensure you get the best deal for the exact car you want to buy. Some of the ways a great team can help you include:

Great Financing

The salesman handling your purchase will be able to provide you with insight into financing opportunities, such as dealer or manufacturer deals. The best financing deals will make it easy to integrate your monthly auto loan into your budget.

Home Delivery

A dealer salesperson can also arrange for home delivery, which can make your purchasing experience much more convenient. Home delivery in Kansas City, MO is sometimes appropriate for drivers who want to keep their current cars.

Other Packages

There are a few other packages the sales team can help you with. Using a trade-in value on old cars can offset the cost of a new one, so if you want to make the best possible deal, let the sales department know about your trade-in goals.

How Can the Ram Website Help Your Purchase Process?

Visiting a website for a certified Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer can improve your purchase process. The website experience can allow drivers to get an up-close look at some of the interior or exterior features of a Ram 1500. Virtual tours of a vehicle can help drivers narrow the choice between two different trims.

The website experience is also useful for drivers who are planning to buy a used Ram 1500. Dealer websites often include listings of used cars, which can improve the overall purchasing process by allowing drivers to compare prices directly.

What Is the Best Way to Test Drive a Pickup?

When it's time to test drive a Ram 1500, regardless of which trim you select, there are a few key points to keep an eye on during your test drive. Drivers should pay attention to the comfort of the driving seat, the placement of tools on the dashboard, and the overall driving ease.

For a used pickup, it's also generally a good idea to give the vehicle a cursory residual inspection to detect any balding tires or obvious oil leaks. If you spot anything, let the salesperson know so the service center can correct these mechanical issues before you finalize your vehicle purchase.

How Long Should a Test Drive Be?

Ideally, a test drive should last for about 15 to 30 minutes. This period gives drivers enough time to assess all of the features of the vehicle, particularly if drivers take care to drive through multiple neighborhoods and Kansas City, MO.

It's a good idea to drive at different speeds to understand the handling of the vehicle and the performance of the engine. Driving in residential areas, city areas, and the highway is the best way to assess all elements of the vehicle.

Why Buy From A Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer in Kansas City, MO?

For drivers who want to enjoy a smooth process, buying a new pickup directly from a certified dealer is in their best interest. Dealers can make a quick sale an exceptional experience, particularly for drivers who want to make a good deal on a new or used Ram.

Financing Department at Your Dealer

Going to a certified dealer to buy your new truck is a savvy move for any driver who wants to make the best deal. The financing department at a dealer can hook drivers up with better auto loans and sign-on deals to reduce the sticker price on a new truck.

Even for drivers with poor credit or secure checking accounts, the financing department at a dealer can take care of every financial part of the car buying process.

Avoid Dealer Markup

Buying directly from a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer may also help drivers avoid dealer markup from other dealers. Some used car dealers mark up the price of used Rams, which is why going to a certified dealer is one way drivers can ensure they're getting a fair price.

Trade-In Value

The personalized experience at a dealer in Kansas City, MO will also ensure drivers enjoy a very smooth process for trade-in valuations. Only a certified dealer will provide the best competitive pricing for Ram 1500s.

Another thing the financial department at the dealer can do is sift through auto loan offers to find the lowest interest rates for the term of your loan. The finance experts at the dealership will also be able to negotiate the price of add-on packages.

Service Center

Going to the dealership means getting access to a high-quality service center. Even if your vehicle is no longer under warranty, the dealer can repair or replace MOPAR parts as part of an annual service. The service center can also complete oil changes, tire rotations, and much more.

Body Shop

If you've been in a major collision or there's a ding on your door, you can visit the dealership's body shop to repair your truck. Repairing your truck quickly is an essential part of maintaining the value of the truck, particularly if you want to preserve resale or trade-in value in the future.

If you are in the market for a new pickup, you may want to consider the Ram 1500. There are several popular models for this flagship pickup, including the Ran 1500 Big Horn® and used Rams from 2021 and 2022. To learn more about test driving a Ram 1500, get in touch with Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram at 816-836-0100 today.

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